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Invest With Me

Our Approach  

We have learned that the best way to scale your investments is through investing in multi tenant properties with a primary focus on housing or related investments. Historically these investments have the best track record and highest rate of success. Below are the investment classes we find are the most successful.


Multi-Family Apartments have a great track record and the economics of scale that make it a stable long term investment.

Self Storage

Self Storage has one of the highest success rates of any real estate investment around. Has great scale and great income.

Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Communities are the most successful real estate investment. They are hard to find, but we will definitely interested.

Single Family Portfolios

Different than just one rent house, we seek large portfolios of single family homes. This helps with expense management.

*No offer to sale securities or private placements is being made. This is for informational purposes only. Any offering to sale securities or private placements will be made in a private placement memorandum or other offering document.