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I have spent the majority of my life working in the real estate business. As a child I would walk construction sites with my dad and uncles. As I grew older, I would eventually be the one helping do the prep and make ready's in apartment and other rental units. A very hands-on learning experience. I would lay carpet, cut the grass, roof the buildings and do other jobs like trash outs in apartments in San Marcos, TX. Side note: You never want to do trash outs on apartments in a college town, trust me!

My management and construction journey started in the 1990's, and I would later go on to become a licensed real estate agent.
In 2003 I became a licensed real estate agent, and later became a licensed Broker in Texas. 

During my time as an Agent/Broker I have personally owned, managed and helped other clients acquire and invest in real estate. During this time my clients have made millions of dollars in equity, appreciation and cash flow. 

For 18 years I kept coming across the same dilemma that many people had. They wanted to be invested in real estate, yet they did not have the time or desire to get directly involved in the day to day operations of the investment side of real estate. So, In 2020 I launched my newest endeavor to help more clients invest in real estate. I founded the real estate investment firm of Blackhawk Equity, LLC. Through this company we will help Accredited Investors invest their capital in real estate investments that I am invested in, or a partner in. This will allow investors to enjoy the stability and scale of larger investment opportunities. 

If you want the opportunity to invest in real estate with a person who has dedicated his life to the real estate industry and has a very long track record of making his clients money and will treat your investment the same way he would treat his own, then please visit our "Investment With Me" page. If you are not ready for that step, please enjoy our FREE education materials.

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